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$2000 head only. $700 more to have the 1x12 OS cab with Jensen Blackbird speaker (I won't sell the cab separately, happy to keep it). Will look into shipping if needed.

My goal is to thin the herd, but would consider trades of:
cash plus desirable pedals (King Tone, Browne, Hudson)
70's SG
this amp plus my Dr Z EZG towards a Frank Brothers, Warren Murfitt tele, or a 335

Both are mint condition. Never had an issue. Left the house twice I think.
A new one is about $2800Cdn + shipping + customs/taxes.
A new cab with the Jensen Blackbird is about $950 + shipping + customs/taxes.

100W from four 6L6 - a fantastic pedal platform!
single channel with high/low input (which are actually reversed to what you would expect)
tube driven effects loop
speaker out and extension cab out
43lbs 20w x 10.5h x 8.25d (very manageable in my opinion)

Link to the builder in North Carolina: Pearl Head | Port City Amps
Note there are no dealers in Canada. Port City gear is hard to find here.

I am the second owner. I can put you in touch with a forum member who can tell you how it performs on a big stage.

Forum members are listed on my profile as references.

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