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plugging "extras" into a Traynor YCB50

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My amp only has 1 input and I want to try and plug a Harmonica mic into it, inbetween playing guitar; can i use the effects loop input on the back, there is a send and receive meant for plugging in an add-on speaker cabinet (which I have) but I still have the 1/4" effects loop ?? anyone know if this will work
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I wouldn't suggest that you try that. I believe that plugging directly into the effects return will not only bypass the preamp (ie your guitar input) but will put the mike straight inti the power amp with no control over volume.
That's what I was wondering, thanks ! I will pick up a midsized amp for harp only....
The harp player in my blues band plugs his harp mic into another input on his super reverb. Why don't you just try plugging into the front - perhaps using something like an A/B pedal (i.e. Boss Line Selector)? It would be a lot cheaper than a separate amp.
Great idea, thanks so much !!!
cRazY IdeA

Or you could put a small mixer in the effects loop. Plug the preamp (effects out) into an input and the mic for the harp into another input; by CAREFULLY balancing you could use both.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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