Gallien-Krueger 1001RB-II 700-watt Bass Amplifier Head with live-in Gator hard case.

Crisp, clean, solid-state sound, with a really exciting, natural-sounding distortion knob. The best DI I've ever used with a pre/post EQ switch, which means you can choose whether your signal passes through the amp's EQ and distortion circuits or goes out to the mixing board unaffected.

Highly adjustable tone options: Four EQ knobs, Contour, Presence, Boost, even separate knobs controlling your woofer and tweeter. At 700 Watts, this thing has an insane amount of potential power, which means it can get LOUD, sounds just as clear at a distance as it does up close and responds lighting fast to pretty much anything you play, even if your a slap-bassist and your playing is extremely dynamic.

Features 700 watts (4 ohms) plus 50-watt horn bi-amp system 4-band active EQ Adjustable contour, presence, and 4-/5-string voicing Boost (valve effect) - separate tweeter and woofer volume control Effects loop and tuner output with mute XLR output with level, ground lift, and pre/post switch speakON and 1/4" outputs