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Pink Floyd Niagara

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Just call me second stringer Andy - I'm now the second stringer for Pink Floyd Niagara:

I've kust went to my first rehearsal, and the show opens tomorrow (July 5th). I'm not there this week-end, but I am supposed to be there at least some of next week-end.

If anyone drops by to see the show, let me know.
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I sat in with Andy for a few tunes last night. Wish I could have stayed longer. But I will see the whole show in Sept. The crowds they are getting are pitiful. It's a real shame because they are putting on a great show out there. Sound, light and musicianship. Anyone in the area should go and check it out. You will not get more for your money in this town.
Final show was a good one. They informed the crowd that they are taking the show on the road and then will be back in Niagara next year for another run. Check them out next year if you get a chance. Expert sound work as well :bow:
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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