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Pink Floyd Niagara

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Just call me second stringer Andy - I'm now the second stringer for Pink Floyd Niagara:

I've kust went to my first rehearsal, and the show opens tomorrow (July 5th). I'm not there this week-end, but I am supposed to be there at least some of next week-end.

If anyone drops by to see the show, let me know.
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Just did my first night with this show. The band is great, the light show is fantastic, the Pa is not bad either...

That's a Mackie that is running the 'Whizzle stick' and the quad effects return back through the matrix of the main mixer.

The main mixer is a Soundcraft K2 with a 40 Channel frame. All channels and all the returns are used, as are all of the auxilaries. There is a seperate monitor board on stage.

You can see the start of lighting land in this pic, but more importantly, you can see how important it is to be neat when you set this sort of stuff up. If you follow the arrow you can kind of see a mangy yellow extension cord mixed in with the power supply cable for the board. I kicked this twice durring the night and the front of house went black - the first time I thought we had a brown out as the power came back on its own, the second time I figured it out and was scrambling in the dark on my hands and knees cursing the guy who set it up like that.

Note there is no rock to crawl under.

The mix is quite a handful, so I didn't have time to get any pics of the actual show.
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If anyone in the Niagara region is considering going to see this show, it wraps up this Labour Day Week-end. I did my last date with them on Friday night, and I'm booked out of town for the week-end, so I'll miss the last show myself.

If you want to see/hear clips of the show they are posted here:

I don't know why they are not on the main site (
I spoke too soon, I am doing the final show.

Party, Party, Party! :banana::banana::banana:
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