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Pictures not uploaded until now - Brian Moore iGuitar

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For some reason, up until now, I've never uploaded pictures of this guitar to the forum. I guess I just never got around to it but I figured I'd do it now. This is a Brian Moore iGuitar that has a GK-13 pin output for the Roland VG and GR series of guitar processors. Along with the humbucker pickups it also has piezo pickups for an acoustic type sound. Overall it's a pretty versatile guitar.

When I first got it a few years ago I found the pickups were a little on the sterile side and lacked character but it sounds better now. I bought this just about 2 or 3 months before Song Bird Music permanently closed their doors. When I first tried it back then I found it was, and still is, a very easy guitar to play. Coincidentally I was playing it earlier this evening.

This is also the first time I'm linking these photos from a different website. I downloaded all of my photos from Photobucket and what I'm doing now is uploading my guitar oriented photos to the Snapagogo website and my non-guitar photos have been uploaded to Flickr. For those of you who were using Photobucket I'd recommend Snapagogo as a very good alternative. Uploads are very fast and it's easy to create your own themed folders for whatever you upload, plus it's free and there are no annoying ads. Enjoy the photos.

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Now that's a versatile axe!
Gorgeous, to boot!

Thanks for the heads up about Snapagogo. I'll go check them out.
Thanks Moot. I got a good deal on that guitar from Song Bird Music. I can't recall the exact price but it was under $900.00 including the gig bag. I didn't think that would be the last thing I bought from them but that's the way it goes. :( I think you'll like Snapagogo.

I used to have a Brian Moore MC/1 - their flagship instrument, pre-iGuitar. Was an incredible build and the company was very good to me, but it really sounded like it's own thing. Needing some classic tones? Not the best choice. But, so stable and well built.
I agree. It's a very solid guitar and with the GK out jack I can hook it up to the Roland VG-99 or the GR-55 and get the tones that I want.

Gorgeous looking guitar. The 13 pin outlet is a good choice too.
Thanks. :) That's the only guitar I have with a built-in 13 pin output jack.
I have been using Roland GR-20 and GR-55. I remember problems reported with non GK-3(2) pickups built in. I can't remember what they were now though...
There have been issues with some people using Godin guitars with built in GK pickups. Apparently after 5 years or so the pickups either go dead or start losing volume. But on the other hand there have been players who've been using their Godins for years without any issues.
Yeah I knew about the sub-sonic frequencies. I thought there was something else that may have caused problems. I'm also a member of the V-Guitar forums and have been there almost as long as I've been here. BTW here's the thread where a forum member mentions the Godin: Sold my Godin
There are other issues as well that you'll read about in that thread.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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