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with the closing of HMV, i thought i would venture over to the only one in Kingston to pick up a new disc before they closed. The cd section was reduced to about 10 ft of rack on one side for all of their cds...
with HMV closed...and no Sunrise here anymore...Best Buy doesn't carry CDs...its impossible to go to a store and get a new release...the only places thriving are the second hand record shops and second hand cd/video game stores...

i guess it boils down to...i feel old...i would much rather have a physical copy than a digital for varying reasons...its just so odd to see the medium being removed...even best buy had a sh*tty amount of dvds for sale...

to finish...most second hand record stores sell new vinyl, so its almost no surprise why vinyl sales are increasing while cd's are just can't find them...

i ended up going to the bands website to purchase the cd...i started on amazon until i found out that amazon had marked the CD up about $8...

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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