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Ideally the buyer is on the east coast and we can arrange meeting up but I am willing to ship if somebody is willing to pay shipping.

photography equipment $900 priced cheap because I just need it gone. Nothing is wrong with it.
2 Elinchrome BX500RI strobes with trigger for Nikon or canon
2 100cmm square soft boxes
1 150cm octobox
1 round reflector with mounting arm
Several stands
1 beauty dish(no sock diffuser)
1 ThinkTank Airport accelerator bag
2 Nikon SB 900 flashes
External batter pack for SB900
Outex underwater kit for DSLR with eye piece for canon 5d and 2 front lens covers (I think 67 and 77mm
Kenko Macro Extention Tubes set of 3 for Nikon
Pictures available on request

Brewing Equipment $1200
25g Brew Kettle
1/2BBL SS Bée Tech Conical fermenter
Chugger Pump
Converter Keg Mash Tun(big enough for lager and standard Ale batches. If you are going over 6.5% alcohol I would suggest getting something bigger
5 full sized kegs (56L or 50L
2 half Kegs (20L)
About 120lbs of Grain
About 2Lbs of assorted unopened vacuum sealed hops
120k BTU banjo Burner
1 20lbs CO2
4+ Sanke keg taps
1 Bottle Filler gun
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