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So I just wired up a new strat pickguard with Fender Fat50s in the Neck and Middle positions, and a Seymour Duncan SSL-5-RWRP in the Bridge position. I used three 250k log pots and .022 orange drop caps on the Neck and Bridge tone controls. The Bridge has a "no load" pot and the Middle pup has no tone control whatsoever.

All positions sound good on their own and N+M sounds exceptional! I had a hunch position 4 would sound similar to a stock strat in position 2 with the brighter pup having no tone control. It worked.

I have a problem though... the Fat50 RWRP Middle pup seems to be out of phase with the SSL-5-RWRP Bridge pup. I get noise cancellation, but loose bass, a classic sign of phase issues. I researched this pretty thoroughly and didn't think there would be a problem. As I understand it, Fender normal pups are wound such that normal Seymour Duncan pups are in effect, akin to Fender's RWRP. And that Seymour Duncan RWRP pups are wired like normal Fender pups. So if you use a Fender RWRP with a Duncan RWRP they should have noise cancellation and be in phase.

Does anyone have any experience or insights to share?
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