Cornish GC-1 Overdrive, original owner, brand new in box, Cornish's newest offering, very versatile overdrive that does low gain to full out fuzz. Comes with box and spec sheet.


From the website:

New for 2021 and in celebration of our 45th year designing and building professional stage equipment we are proud to present the GC-1™.

This is a completely new unique three stage design which features both hard and soft clipping stages with automatic switching between them as the gain increases, and also has a wider gain range than any of our previous pedals making it perfect for live performance and recording.

With the gain set to minimum (+20dB=10X) we are in the area of Soft Sustain as found on our SS-2 and SS-3 and the inclusion of a three band powerful active EQ has enhanced even the lowest gain settings giving a new bonus of tone and volume. A wonderfully Smooth and Transparent Blues Crunch is a feature at low gain settings and the powerful EQ is a huge part of the sound with even small changes giving maximum tonal flexibility to suit any amp. The GC-1 has amazing Bottom End Retention and is Refined and Warm sounding without getting”muddy”.

As the Active EQ is so powerful the GC-1 can be used with both single coil and hum-bucker equipped guitars with equal facility.

Increasing the gain takes us gradually through the area of our G-2 and P-2 gain structures which gives a higher level of overdrive for that classic cranked up Marshall sound found on most British rock records of the ‘70s.

There is some serious Rhythm and Lead Tone here which is Powerful but with great Clarity and again, the inclusion of the three band active EQ adds the flexibility of massive amounts of Bass, Mid or Treble Boost will suit any conditions or amp used. Equal amounts of Bass, Mid and Treble Cut are also available - the neutral position of the three tone controls is 12 o’clock.

The GC-1 features an “amazing clean up” using the guitar volume control.

At Maximum gain (+56dB=640X) and adding a large amount of Mid Boost the High Energy Sustain obtained is both Harmonically Rich, Smooth and Fat; almost infinite Sustain is possible with the right guitar/amp combination.
An output Master Volume is included to allow for perfect matching between bypassed and boosted/EQ’d signal level and there is plenty of output signal headroom available to overdrive amp inputs if required.

Our well established Class A input Buffer (LD-1) and radio frequency suppressor is, of course, included and the output buffer impedance is low; to easily drive long cables or other loads without loss of signal or tone.
The Buffer is also fully active in bypass mode to prevent losses associated with long cables and/or load impedances that would not the suitable to connect directly to a passive guitar pickup.

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