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There are so many variables, you have to do the trial and error thing and find the sound that you like. Depending on which amp and guitar combination I use I change my pedals around. If I use my Carvin with FX loop the delay and chrous go through there. From the amp I go to Morley Wah, Boss GE-7 EQ then Super Overdrive, the into my guitar. The biggest changes in sound seem to come when I start moving the wah to differnt positions. My Morely wah into the FX loop is a bad idea, feedback is uncontrollable.

When I play through my EPI Valve Jr, there is no FX loop so the time delay pedals, I like at the end right next to my guitar. The Wah is still out on the other end near the amp. I am still experimenting with my EQ and Overdrive.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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