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Hey all!

I've got a listing way back in the forum that got a little messy. If any mod would like to delete the previous thread I made in this forum, by all means go for it! Trying not to violate rules and have too many active threads. Been a while since that one has seen any updates.

Moving right along! I've got a bunch of boutique pedals not seeing any use, and a Quad Cortex that has been taking up all my time lately, so here they are!

As for trades, I'm interested in a Boss VB-2W, Steel String Supreme, Gladio (dual), Kingsley Maiden D, and Mythos Argonaut specifically, but feel free to try me with other things! Could be tempted to trade for a pedal board with a case. Trade values are approximate, cash deals would be different depending on shipping! Can add cash for the right deal.

Pettyjohn Pettydrive Deluxe V1 - 375
Pettyjohn Predrive Handwired - 350 (This one is offered a little lower than I'd like, only because I think it may need a footswitch replacement soon and I couldn't be bothered haha)
Pettyjohn Gold Mk1 - 175
Pettyjohn Chime Mk2 - 300
JHS Emperor V1 - 200
J Rockett Guthrie Trapp OD V1 - 250
Frantone Peach Fuzz - 450
Kingtone Duellist - 300 (This version is pedal board friendly only, meaning each side is independent via a TRS to Dual Mono cable, which could be included as well. Jesse has also told me it can be modded back to a stock duellist if perferred)
Source Audio Collider - 450 (Brand new, with box and all. Lived on my desk most of it's life. Added dual lock to put it on a smaller board to experiment with, but haven't gotten around to using it enough to keep it)
Van Weelden Royal Overdrive - 900

If you've got any questions feel free to drop me a line!
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