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I own a Peavey JSX that I push into a Marshall 1960B cab outfitted with 4 Eminence Governors. This is one of the most satisfying rigs I have ever played.
Push a Strat through it and you have that seventies rock sound , you know the Randy Bachman "takin care of biz" , the Ritchie Blackmore "highway star" type of sound. That JSX head ($1400 CDN out the door) is amazing. You may never use another overdrive pedal again. The Governors displaced the Celestion 12G75 which came stock with the Marshall. I'm selling the Celestions.

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how'd those sound in the cab? there's a 1960A slant for $500 in ottawa, and i have 2 peavey triple X cabs for mine right now.

but what i WANT is a mesa cab/orange :D haha. crazy part is, i didnt pay for mine. long story, dont want to get into it, all ya gotta know is that there ARE really nice people out there who do random acts of kindness for people that they barely know.

PS: i was gonna be in the bury for school, london now. go figure!
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