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I picked this up a couple months ago from here. Had to do a bunch of things to get it happening. It’s a one piece Alder MJT body and a Fender SRV neck that I carefully took the poly finish off the neck and sanded smooth, rolled edges, rounded the fret ends and oiled, feels amazing and improved the tone big time. The guitar weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces.

Extra added parts
  • fender custom shop guard
  • Fender Prue 65 pickups
  • Fender parchment knobs
  • Callaham Nickel bridge
  • New Dimarzio CTS pots
  • Cloth wiring
  • Gotoh tuners

The person who had this guitar before moved the trem claw screws and made two extra holes, the screws are now in the proper place and I used some wood to fill the extra holes. This doesn’t effect anything with the performance of the guitar and the trem, it was sold to me like this without my knowledge as it wasn’t mentioned in the ad.

Trying to recoup some costs a bit, so my starting price is $1500 EMT shipping on the buyer. I got more into this so not looking for a lowball price at all, happy to keep it because the guitar sounds and plays awesome, plus looks killer!


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Beauty guitar.

The SRV neck profile is one of my favourites -- asymmetric but not extreme.
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