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Paint job poll

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I've got this aluminum body Tele in a trade from a member here a few years ago. I haven't used it in a while so I decided to take it out of the case, ... and paint it. Which one do you like best, the original metal finish, or the new blue one?


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I like the 'C' pickguard, where can I get that?
I'd go for the alum.
Anyone can have a blue Tele.
As Diablo points out, it's rare .. correct?
An engraved PG would look good on it too.

I like 'C', where can I get that?
Why not use it as a canvas for one of your paintings?
I did consider that.
Where's the "pole" and does it have dancers hanging from it :D
LOL! I just noticed that spelling error myself. don't know how to fix that.
But if he fixes it, I look like a perv.
thanks for another laugh!
O Natural. With an engraved guard. Unless the blue is is really worn and the aluminum shows through
Yeah, I did wear away some of the blue around the edges to let the black paint and aluminum body show thru, might have to do a bit more.
That's awesome. Great choices. Really pops good. That guitar is noticeable from far away.

How heavy is it?
Haven't weighed it bu it weighs about the same as a wooden guitar.
I like the blue one...reminds me of a Trussart that I once owned

Yeah, I like his stuff, I've got this one:

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1 - 10 of 39 Posts
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