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P or J whats the diff?

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Hello all

I have just been loving my Godin 5 and have been looking at all the others out there 4-6 string so far.

One thing I do like is the slim neck of a 4 string and think I will pick one up probably sooner than later. This brings me to my question, whats the difference between the P and J. Most sales guys tell me its just the pickups but I think its more than that.

For a Metal, Blues do all bass which is better?
What are the best $700 to $1000 4 strings out there with active electronics?

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P or J what's the diff?

Neck and body differences aside, I have read an interview many years ago with a mid-60's record producer who said it was standard practice to use Jazzes for pop records and Precisions for soul records. Note that an obvious exception like (pop) Precision player Carol Kaye used a pick to get her "cut."

In the studio, the Precision may have a noise floor advantage because the two halves of the pickup are wired humbucking all the time, while the Jazz is wired through the two volumes, which are only humbucking when set equally. Harder Sound in Montreal sometimes resorts to an extra ground wire on Jazz Bass bridges.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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