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P or J whats the diff?

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Hello all

I have just been loving my Godin 5 and have been looking at all the others out there 4-6 string so far.

One thing I do like is the slim neck of a 4 string and think I will pick one up probably sooner than later. This brings me to my question, whats the difference between the P and J. Most sales guys tell me its just the pickups but I think its more than that.

For a Metal, Blues do all bass which is better?
What are the best $700 to $1000 4 strings out there with active electronics?

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Nothing wrong with MIJ Jazz basses! I own one and I'm very happy with it.
There is a store called Gear Music in Oakville that has G & L's. Also a store on Erin Mills parkway in Mississauga but the name escapes me.
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