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P or J whats the diff?

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Hello all

I have just been loving my Godin 5 and have been looking at all the others out there 4-6 string so far.

One thing I do like is the slim neck of a 4 string and think I will pick one up probably sooner than later. This brings me to my question, whats the difference between the P and J. Most sales guys tell me its just the pickups but I think its more than that.

For a Metal, Blues do all bass which is better?
What are the best $700 to $1000 4 strings out there with active electronics?

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Thanks guys

Do you know of a shop that has the GL's in T.O.?

The P and J I played the other day had a great feel and I did prefer the feel of the J. The J had the active PU's which were full of tones and fun to play with especialy if you have no clue what is what.
I did notice the P had a different feel to it which would be the neck as you said.

Do you think active PU's are worth it in the long run or better to stick with the passives and get a pre amp?

You guys have been a great help...Thanks!!
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Looked at some pre amps and it they look very pricey so far, think I will go with the new bass.

No luck tracking down the G&L's in T.O. yet but I stopped by Steves and they have tons of Basses on the wall. The one that totaly gets me going is the Fender Jazz Geddy Lee model..That thing sounds and feels amazing!!
Not a big Fender fan but I will be for this one, price is $900 and change.

When I got home I pulled the Tab on Tom Sawyer..what a fun song to play!! Still doing it with the pick, fingers get to confused..

Since it is a production Japanese model it will be around which gives me more time to do my home work.

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