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BloodBrotherXxX said:
I seen Ozzy perform his new single "I Don't Want to Stop" on WWE Smackdown on friday. Yes I watch wrestling...not because I like to watch sweaty men touch each other either as my friends like to add, But to watch people get hurt and half naked, sweaty WOMEN touch each other None. ANY WAY, back to Ozzy. It's good to see some of the greats, espicially of his age and condition, back doing performances. He didnt look so old for some reason. Like they shot him up with adrenaline before he went on...
I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel last night. He really needs to quit clapping above his head, his timing is horrible.

Zak had some horrible tone. Ozzy's voice was way over processed. That said "Can't stop" is definately growing on me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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