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We did a day trip into Montreal yesterday, to both drop our son off at Central Station and also visit the Biosphere, at my wife's request. As it turned out, the same island in the mighty St. Lawrence is both the site of the Biosphere - formerly the geodesic dome that was the U.S. pavillion at Expo 67 - and the Osheaga festival, which was in its multi-stage glory.

Unbeknownst to us, the geodesic dome had suffered a major fire in 1976 (after I left Montreal for St. John's), that had destroyed the transparent "skin" that had covered it, and the skin was never replaced, even after the U.S. government sold the structure to Montreal for a dollar. The internal multi-level structure, however, was intact, and had been repurposed for an environmental exhibit, these days focusing on climate change (and very informatively so), but reserving a little space for pictorial memories of Expo.

In any event, with nothing to enclose the structure, all the sights and sounds -especially the sounds - of Osheaga permeated the structure. There were some floor-mounted binoculars on one of the upper levels that let you see far away. But, whether planned or mere happenstance, all the various stages were either obscured by trees or else let you see a lot, except for the stage. One of the stages was easily viewed from the side...just not past the security guys in black t-shirts patrolling the front perimeter of the stage. Judging by the lack of rhythmic motion of all those in front of the stage, I take it there was no one performing at that time, or else they had a particularly arrhythmic approach to "their sound".

Here's some pics of folks streaming in from the Metro station to the gates, and streaming across the bridge to the various stages. I think we were being serenaded by Trombone Shorty at that point. Sounded like him, and I could make out close-ups of a trombone bell on the big screen. Lemme tell ya, that's is some P.A. system!

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