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gtrguy said:
If your Ibanez is an upper end model with an Edge (I, II, Pro) than it's pretty much better than an original Floyd...the Edge series was a refinement of the basic Floyd design.

However, if you've got a lower end model with a TRS or whatever, yeah ditch it...

If you can't track down a Floyd, just get a Schaller, they manufacture the bridges for Floyd Rose and the Schaller version also has some upgrades on the Floyd design. Physically they are identical other than the string lock bolts at the back of the bridge. See image:

Actually the Schaller has a thicker base plate than the "Original Floyd"
and therefore not as harsh or top endy as the "Original"........ By the way a couple of years back I dropped a Schaller floyd from one of my old Hamer USA guitars into an RG LO TRS trem cavity without having to do any extra routing but I did have to enlarge the holes for and replace the stud/anchor bolts with the schallers. Big improvement with minimal effort.
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