This Tiny Terror has been greatly improved.(In my Opinion)
1) The Power and output transformers have been replaced with Mercury Magnetics transformers for this amp.These are a huge improvement giving more punch, note to note separation/clarity and overall more open sound and detail.
2) A Mercury Magnetics choke has been installed in place of the resistor.This gives a better response to the low end.
3) The British glory mod kit has been installed.The British Glory mod is a modification kit for those who want the sound of the legendary Marshall master volume amps (like the JCM800 - JMP2203-2204) in a small 15 Watt amp
4) I have modded the TONE control. When turning down this control, you remove brightness but also remove too much of the other frequencies. I slightly modified the values to have this control only remove the higher frequencies, almost like a presence control. This way, you can adjust for different guitars or pickups without sacrificing the nice high mids crunch that is now attainable with these mods.
Over 600$ CAD in mods.
Would consider a TRADE deal on a Fractal FM9 OR FM3