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I picked up a Fernandes Ravelle from Axe Music in BC (I'm in Toronto) - had it since December of '06. Really haven't played it much until about 2 months ago when I decided it needed a bit of a setup. I take the truss rod cover off and find that the nut is completely loose and stripped - threads on the truss rod are still in perfect shape. I contacted Axe and Fernandes customer service who both seemed very helpful and willing to come up with a solution (even if it meant taking the guitar to Steve's for repair instead of shipping it back to Axe). 2 weeks pass and no responses... I email a few more times and still nothing. In my last email I basically asked if they could just send me a truss rod nut or at least let me know the thread size so I could get my own - they're like $4 at StewMac. All I received was an email from Fernandes' customer service stating "3/4" - gee thanks! I ended up taking a nut from a neck I had laying around and it fit.
This wasn't my first purchse from Axe, but it's definitely my last.
I'm planning on writing a letter to the owner of Axe Music explaining my dissatisfaction - whether I get a response or not really doesn't make a difference to me at this point. I'm also wondering if there's a way to contact Fernandes directly, bypassing their "customer service", to let them know how this situation was handled.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


PS. Mods, if this is inapproriate or in the wrong forum - do what ya gotta do :)

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Such a simple problem and send a nut to you personally by mail would be a simple solution.
I would ask your local Fernades dealer who the sales rep is in your area and what is their phone number if that fails ask Fernandes' customer service.
Call the rep and tell him your story. These guys can usually make somthing happen. Outside of that if customer service in general is not satisfactory try getting in touch with their head of manufacturing.

Good luck.

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