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davetcan said:
Yep! That looks exactly the same. Any idea what year yours is?

So far all I asked Rob to do was to change the volume pots from 4 meg to 1 meg which he said would take away some of the harshness. I got the amp back on the weekend and I needed to swap out a couple of the 12AX7's as they were microphonic. Once that was done everything was good. This thing sounds really nice stock (or close to it). Almost fenderish but different in a subtle way. The reverb is very strong and sounds suprisingly good, not quite as "warm" as the Bandmasters but still very good. I'm not getting a lot of volume out of it, I was actually able to dime it without killing myself (wife was out) and it sounded really great. It takes pedals very well. I use a TIM and MI Audio Crunchbox for my OD/Distortion sounds and both sound great with the Traynor. Because of that I'll probably not bother modding it any further. I like it the way it is.
Not trying to hijack your post, but how do you like your TIM? Is all the hype from the Gear Page true?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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