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OK, 1st post, gear pics. Let`s see what Canadians have!!!

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Here is my stuff. I live near Ottawa. So if anybody wants to try what i have, your more than welcome too. I know we can`t try much high end stuff in these woods.

Let`s get this forum going guys:

RIP Bro:(

Let`s see some rigs!!!!!

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Emohawk said:
Dude - when I see pics like this I feel like I really don't have a problem after all... None Awesome toys!


I do have a problem Drool

I`m sick:tongue:

Coustfan'01 said:
My rig

Plus a couple of pedals and thingies...One day I'll have as much gear as 7 stringer (when I get a job/ finish college) :rockon2:

Nice set-up man, keep at it. I`ve been collecting this stuff for a while. College will get you a good job to afford this expensive disease...LOL


SCREEM said:
wicked amps dude, no diesel yet?:rockon2:
Hmmm, i`ve been thinking about a Herbert for a while but....This GAS has got to end sometime don`t it :confused-smiley-010 LOL

I wanna sell the XTC. Bogners arent for me. I`m too Metal for the XTC, i mean, i like tight amps, and Bogners are real smooth-loose-3-D sounding amps. I`m not into these kinda tones. It sounds killer though, don`t get me wrong.

Robert1950 said:
Your house hasn't disintegrated yet ???

It`s melting slowly and approching hell a little bit every day :rockon2: :bow:

jxoco said:
I guess I'm one notch above 'too ashamed to show my stuff'.
The pedal board is under re-construction, but I need an A-B type of thing.
If I didn't have such an attachment to the Yamaha, I've had it for 26 years, I'd put the Pignose chassis in the Yamaha cabinet. The Yamaha has a JBL K120 in it that I really like.
The little amp on top has one thing going for it, my wife doesn't tell me to get it the hell out of the family room. It's small enough to blend into the room if I put it between the chair and the wall.
Sad isn't it?


Get a Radial Switchbone, this little AB/Y box is phenomenal. It`s got a super clean boost in it too!!!

Nice setup,

Holy crap, 4 years ago this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time fly`s man!!!!!!!!!!

And you only had 48 posts LOL!!

How is that ISP work for you with the 7 string tuned to B or lower?
It works awesome, still have it and using it. It just gives a deep bass tone, not really more bass but deeper. If you set the level high it`s mega bass, but setup properly it holds everything together nicely. I`ve got a 7 tuned to A and no flubby bass, i can`t stand loose bass response.

Very happy with it.

Here are my latest amp pics:

I build myself a W/D/W setup and holy smokes does it ever sound amazing, i will never go back to a standard setup. Vey full 3-D type of tone.

Couple new guitars i got:

And lastly, my new Fortin wich is being built as we speak:

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Over the years you really learn what you like in gear, i tried so many guitars,amps,cabs,effects..... Now i`ve got what is the best to me, might not be for everybody, but who cares but me? What i have now is what i`ve always wanted and really greatfull to be able to afford it all, it doesn`t come cheap!!!!

Keep at it and it will all come together.

Tuned to A that could sound pretty fat especialy if you use it to taste, helps with a tight low A string as well.
What are you using for the 7 string, looks like an Ibanez?

I love my JP7, best guitar I ever played!
Yeah it keeps everything tight and focused, love it.

The white one is an Ibanez 1527M galaxy white, one of the better 7 strings i`ve tried, my other 3 are Universes:

I`d like to try out the Petrucci ones, every comment i heard was positive.

I`ve got an EBMM van halen that plays awesome though.

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Thanks man, been at it for a while.

Yeah that GR is a very fine playing guitar, so smooth. I`ts dead mint too.

We should definately start a thread about these. I could tell you my story, and if your from Ottawa, i`m sure you know the guy i bought it from!!!!!!!

I just posted my story of how i got it.

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