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I've got on cassette :

The Cry of love
Midnight Lightning
Crash Landing
In the West
Nine to the Universe
Live at Winterland

Cry of love turned into First Rays of The New Rising Sun..when I first heard Cry Of Love I was blown it turned out Hendrix was still in the production/recording of the album when he died so it had to pieced together.

Crash Landing, Midnight Lightning and nine to Universe were albums that never really did anything for me..There were takes of stone free and machine gun ect..but I think it was just thrown out there after his death for profit reasons..

Concerts was different..The take of Little wing is just Amazing..Even the take of are you experienced is cool, not only how he played it but because he rarley performed it live.

Live at Winterland is also pretty cool, if you listen to hey joe there is some neat pulloff stuff he's doing..

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I love Winterland.

First Rays is something I listen to alot as well.
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