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We've all heard of Aria, Greco, Tokai...etc. I have a Gession 'Love Power' LP that
I've been trying to research for a couple of years now with minimal success.
Only seen/heard of 3 others. Sources that I had contact with opined that it
may have been made by the same company that made El Degas for Jacobson and sons.
The collector I got it from thinks it's an offshoot company of Tokai that made it.'s mine. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I'm curious to see what else is out there. So let's see what you got.

ciao fer now.


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This has just been my personal experience, but whenever I hear the word "lawsuit" used to describe a piece of gear, I know to avoid at all costs and run away.

If you want a "Les Paul" get a Gibson Les Paul.
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