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Nut Slot Shim - (still ugly)

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I got a cheap Epi LP Jr., aka Mr. Ugly, that I want to set up for slide. When I took the strings off, If found that the nut wasn't secured and only the string tension was holding it in place. This is what the nut slot looks like

I was thinking of using a thin shim before I found about this, so, what would anyone here suggest? Thanks.
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Got if figured out.
A small drop of crazy glue will hold it in place enough to not cause problems, and will still be able to be removed at a later date if you want.
Or a slightly larger drop of white glue aka WeldBond(it's water soluable).
For the shim material: strips of credit card, popsicle sticks, shaved off strips of sewer grate,
You would also need to flatten the string radius by levelling/flattening the bridge and nut
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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