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New to me pedal day
I just picked up a well used Morley Wah/Volume. Great way to kill two birds stoned. Its big, but it seems to sound pretty good both low and high gain. Im liking the boost feature too. Also, you don't get that dunlop high end spike that is ridiculous .I wouldn't have picked up another wah, but I modded mine to be more of a filter pedal ala frank zappa.

In my limited experience, its better than the run of the mill dunlop also better than the budda wah.

Any love or hate for these out there?
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Thats where I was at.

Its very decent. The only problem is half of the down sweep (lower volume) drops off pretty fast. Sounds better than a couple of my guitars vol knobs. You have to be mindful where the wah pedal is at when you bypass it, as the volume can drop. That being said, I didn't need a wah as much as a volume, but both seems to work well so far.

And jesus.. just stumbled across ebay and these things arn't cheap anymore!
I should add, the only reason I got is because my GF bought me a Radial bones Hollywood dual distortion pedal that was absolute crap. It was on sale for a reason. Try putting a simulated headphone amp in front of your tube rig.
Although it is possible to bugger it up real good, note that the Morley uses a photocell/shutter arrangement, which means that it is possible to modify the taper of the sweep by altering the physical properties of the shutter.

My own experience is that sometimes the bulb, photocell, and shutter can get jostled, and small nudges of the photocell, in particular, can detract from the sweep. Where Vactrols seal the light source and photocell inside a common chassis, the Morley arrangement physically separates them to make room for the shutter.
So, in engrish, don't eff with it like I did my last few wahs? The only complaint so far is that the sweep only really works half way of the pedal. Do I care, not really. I don't use wah that much.

mhammer, if I were to want to change that, how much work would it be?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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