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New Socks (or Sox , if you prefer) Day...I love the feeling of new sox in the morning.
OMG you too! There is nothing that compares to putting your foot into a brand new comfortable sock. It's such a wonderful way to start your day.

Socks are one of my downfalls! That and boots.

I have 76 pair of socks in every colour you can imagine!

When I was doing my personal training I happened upon a company that made the most amazing cotton/poly socks. They had a sale last year and I took advantage of it.

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So, what's your favorite kind of sock Greco? Style and material composite?
I was actually kidding about buying sox instead of gear.

Since you asked, I prefer sox with the highest content of cotton possible. Because I hate shopping, I walked to the local Walmart nearby.

Their best "cotton" sox were 85% cotton and made by Hanes...called "Cushion Crew -Tall".
6 Pairs to the (white might be available, IIRC) $11.00 plus tax.

BTW..I hadn't bought new sox for several years prior to this thread.
Now you can fully understand my excitement!!...LOL
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