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I bought this on a whim and thought I would try it and then like most of my fuzz purchases, let someone else enjoy it....not this time. At first plug in, iit was a "wow" moment - it can get quite gainy with the fuzz maxed out but what I really like about the Cornell is the fuzz knob in moderate settings, acts like an overdrive but still has its own character in the fuzz camp of tones. It also really cleans up super well and in the end, just a very musical unit. I was actually preferring the sounds of the Cornell compared to my OD pedals and with fuzz units, and that doesn't usually happen. Time will tell. Only slight drawback for some is the size of the pedal is bigger than the pedalboard friendly units (but much smaller than the Isle of Tone for example).

Great fuzz (imo) and shout out to @fogdart for mentioning Cornell to me.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts