Unused. All tested on a Hickok 6000, no gas, no shorts. Rare to find these now, I have had these for several years. Last of my collection of these. Shipping not included but at cost. Mullard, Rediffusion (middle tube in the 2nd photo), Brimar and IEC Mullard labled NOS/NIB's $225 each Remainder $200 each.

These tubes are over $400 plus tax plus shipping at thetubestore.

Etched codes:
2nd photo: Mullard Red box f32 B6J3, Rediffusion f32 B1H1, Mullard f32 B---(printed under the Made in Great Britain writing-unable to determine)
3rd photo: Brimars f32 B1H1(SOLD) and Brimar f32 B1H2
4th photo: Solus f32 B5E4, Mazda f32 B2C4, Sylvania((SOLD)) and RCA f32 B7E3
5th photo: IEC Mullard f32 B7A2, Westinghouse f32 B2B2((SOLD)) United ((SOLD)) Chelmer f32 B4C1

Packaging and labeling Carton Gas Packing materials Box

Tin can Beverage can Drink Aluminum can Gas

Liquid Bottle Fluid Drink Beer

Liquid Tin Tin can Drinkware Fluid

Liquid Fluid Drink Alcoholic beverage Drinkware