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Geezer is 67, Ozzy is 68 and Tony is 69. Only Geezer is healthy enough to really continue. Bill Ward hasn't been able to play drums good enough for years do to health problems. They will soon reach their expiry date. Look what happens when you perform past the date - Johnny Winter for one.
Lots of senior citizens on tour and have died on tour (unfortunatly)
Donald 'Duck Dunn (Booker T & the MGs), and Mitch Mitchell come to mind
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We can add Paul McCartney to the list as well. He lost his vocals a number of years ago. Anything beyond a 1/2 note is just about impossible for him to carry.
That's what he gets for not signing a pre-nup with his x-wife (I know that may be inaccurate but hey...)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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