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Hey Guys.

I am the original owner of this magnificent guitar and received it in June of last year after a lengthy wait. As many of you know Bartletts builds are spectacular and as close to vintage as you are going to get with a new guitar build. Old growth mahogany, deep dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard and a beautiful one piece back. Pickups are Throbak 101s and are very very articulate.

I had given Tom a few reference pictures for colour including the Joe Perry burst and I personally think he nailed the colour. Super thin nitro. Guitar is all original and is just shy of 9lbs. One small ding to the bottom right of the back side. I asked for no aging other than the cracked nitro and aged hardware. Almost like a guitar that’s been forgotten under the bed for years. 2020 new Bartlett cost is 13K.

Now, as for trades I’m very specific, looking for vintage and pretty picky however I would consider the following: TV yellow Les Paul Special, 1963-64 Firebirds, 1968-1969 Les Paul Customs, Single cut Les Paul Juniors, 345's, 355's, Custom Colour Jazzmasters. Obviously some of these will require some cash on my end and some will require cash coming in depending on condtion. Located in Ottawa. Would love a face to face deal or could meet someone from GTA halfway etc etc.

Trade/ Sale value is $10,500. Any questions please ask me.








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