Hi guys,

I've got a beautiful and rare 1964-65 Pre-CBS Fender full line catalogue for sale. It's in very good condition. No unusual stains or smells.
The only thing thing worth mentioning is that the cover has come off the 2 main body staples. (from normal use) Other than that, it's in excellent condition. (The other 33 pages of the main body are still stapled together securely )

33 pages (not including the cover) of beautiful vibrant colour photos and descriptions of all that Fender sold way back then! Electric guitars and basses, pedal steel guitars, electric mandolins, blackface amps, echo unit, reverb unit, acoustic guitars, electric pianos/keyboards, guitar strings, and all the other accessories sold by Fender! Printed in 1964.

Let me know if you have any questions, or want more photos.
$275 + shipping.