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I don't usually do this but I'm pretty stoked about it, so here goes...
I've been watching for a deal on an 8 string steel guitar for a few years now. A late 60's era Guyatone S8 without legs showed up on the local CraigsList the other day; they are fairly well regarded by the forumites on SteelGuitar Forums, there's a mega-thread about them there.

So the next day I head out to the sellers place, and it turns out she also had a double-neck 8 string, identical to the S8 but with the second neck and legs included, in practically pristine condition, that she hadn't listed yet. Absolute closet treasure, her aunt bought it new, tried but couldn't play it, and it stayed in the case for 40+ years. So it came home with me. Needed a bit of a clean up, and the pots and switches were a bit scratchy, Deoxit fixed that. New strings with C6 on the front neck, E13 on the back, and it sounds great. Mellower than my National Chicagoan, a real nice change, and 8 strings makes for interesting challenges. With a bit of luck the link to pics might work...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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