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People may have noticed I've been a little quiet on here recently compared to what I used to be like. But there is a reason. I sold a few pedals to make up some extra cash for a purchase I wanted to make forever! A good friend of mine offered me a price I couldn't refuse on this 1976 Gibson Firebird V. It has been refinished (not perfectly by any stretch but not bad) in a nice Walnut colour that I actually prefer over the standard colours. The bridge pickup was routed for a humbucker at some point in its life but since has had he old hardware put back on. The pickup ring doesn't quite cover the routing totally but doesn't bother me. Original banjo tuners, knobs, pickups, scratch plate and all. The gold has mostly been worn to chrome. That may have even on purpose by the original owner. The tailpiece looks a little too shiny to be original as well but not a big deal. Also came with the orignal case which also looks its age.






The second guitar is a '62 reissue tele made by Iida Corporation in Japan in the 80's. From the little info I could find the plant was in Nagano Japan. This particular guitar was sent to a guitar shop in Winnipeg as a sample guitar in hopes the shop would sell their guitars in Canada. Must not have happened but this guitar was definitely built very well and plays fantastic! Love the colour scheme as well. Probably my favorite "classic" tele colour and the rosewood neck matches perfect. The guy I bought it from put a Fender logo on it for whatever reason but he didn't try to play it off as a Fender. Paid pretty much what you would for a Squier classic vibe these days.


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