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Got a great deal on this baby. I've been waiting a while to put my hands on a Soapbar SE. I was aiming for a Soapbar II, which is the same with double cut, but this deal came along first.

It was a long shot buy. I'm in Southern QC and the seller was in Toronto. I sent him a deposit before Christmas and a friend who spends it's winters in Toronto just picked it up for me. Another friend was driving to T last Monday, so I gave her a case (the guitar didn't come with one) and both friends met at a hotel.

Nice to have good friends.

It's a little more banged up than what the seller described, but I was ready to take that risk with the price I got it for. Not bad, just more rash than expected.

I just spent a few hours degunking it, it was filthy, yuck ... It wasn't taken care of, everything was loose on it. I polished the bridge and frets (no wear on those), fed the fretboard with tung oil and Scotch Brited the back of the neck to a nice satin finish.

I had a set of Sanford Magnetics 9022 P90 that was intended for my Epiphone 61 RI SG Special, but they didn't sing in it, strange and disappointing. So they went in the SE and it's like the sky opened and angels sang. I guess they need a dense body to make their thing.

Really thick neck on it, I love that. Every review I read, described it as a light guitar. It isn't. Not back breaking weight, but not in the SG ballpark either. I'll live with that.

So here it is in it's new environment.

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Very nice, Johnny. Great shape, colour, pickups...I can dig it.
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