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This thing is a beauty... I don't care that it was made in China, and neither does PRS. At $1999.00 CAD it's not cheap for an SE, but it is absolutely flawless. PRS is really owning their overseas guitars by allowing the manufacturers to have some skin in the game. They boldly print "Manufactured by Cor-Tek in China" on the back of the headstock instead of glossing over the "China" part of it. This is a point of pride for the overseas factory and it shows. Once it's manufactured at Cor-Tek, they ship it to Maryland for inspection and set-up before delivering to the dealer. I asked the L&M guys to leave it sealed so I could be the first to open it. It arrived looking perfect, it was even in tune and set up nicely. Fret ends looked/ felt perfect, knobs and switch were flawless. Some details:

Mahogany neck and block under bridge (it's fully hollow otherwise)
5 ply laminated maple back and front with figured maple veneer front and back
Curly maple binding everywhere (neck, headstock, f-holes, body)
Abalone birds
Ebony fretboard
LL Braggs Piezo
58/15-S humbuckers (no splitting but they are splittable)
2 outputs (magnetic only or piezo/mag mix)
3 way switch
This is the black/gold burst, it's also available in Peacock blue
Came with HSC
not sure of the weight but it's light! slightly lighter than a 335, noticeably lighter than a Legacy

To me, it's the right amount of bling (not too blingy from a distance, but up close it's got stunning details) The Piezo is surprisingly bright and realistic. Blending the Piezo with the magnetic pickups allows for a huge variety of unique tones - tons of fun. The 58/15-S pickups are a bit on the hot side but have a thick bell-like quality with some woodiness from the hollow body - these are surprisingly great pickups! My Fulltone MOSFET Fulldrive 2 sounds absolutely amazing with this guitar. I've been using a G&L Legacy for a few years, so it's a drastic change in tone for me. My first guitar was a LP and my main guitar for years was a 335, so this feels like coming home. Definitely the most inspiring guitar I have played ...ever. It's crazy how far the Asian manufacturers have come. Anyway, here are the pics:




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