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I'll give it a chance first. I had the JB/59 combo in my Tokai for awhile and came to the conclusion that sometimes "stock" is better. As you say, a few tweaks may be in order first.
As I've stated many times in the past I'm not a fan of PRS pickups, other than the ones in the DGT. I've had a pair of WCR Shredders (unobtanium these days) in the Cu24 above for many years and still love them. I recently plopped them in the Bernie Marsden with the same result, outstanding pickups. I also have a pair of Darkburst/Godwoods in my #1 LP from Jim (WCR) that will likely never come out. I am a fan of Lollar Imperials also, and these can be had pretty easily for not a lot of $ as boutique pups go these days.

btw WCR is now listed as JWP - Jim Wagner Pickups.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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