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NGD - Peavey Wolfgang Special

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By request, here's a NGD thread for the Wolfgang that was recently discussed.

I set it up myself as best I could, but I should really take it in to the shop for some professional tlc. Swapped the plain ol' plastic 1-10 volume knob for a chrome knurled one.

Taking some time for me to get used to the Floyd bar again. The pickups in this thing are hot! Don't know what they measure, for what that's worth, but I like the volume rolled back a bit. If I keep it, there may be a swap in her future.

Also included the original QA sign off sheet from '97, which I thought was a nice bonus.

All in all, this thing feels solid - I can see why these are popular workhorse guitars. Great bang for the buck, especially for a US made instrument.

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what does "special" refer to?
The naming convention on these is weird. The "special" refers to the "base model" - the main differences being single volume as opposed to vol+tone, and slab body vs maple top with binding.
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...and now with those Burtone teles in the classifieds section, I immediately regret my Wolfgang purchase :)
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