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Hey guys I've finally got my MJT put together and setup to my preferences.

Musikraft Tele Neck, Quartersawn with their LP Profile, Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets
Ash body weighing in at 4LBS with see-through white finish, light relic
Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF set
Hipshot bridge
500K Push-pull bourns volume pots, CTS for the tones
Weighs about 7.8lbs don't have an exact enough scale


Ordering the neck through Musikraft was great. Ordered and delivered to MJT right at 4 weeks which was their lead time. If you go this route you get a discount code from MJT. Started the whole process on Feb 12 and got everything May 24.

The guitar itself is excellent and I'm really happy everything worked well together. I read some horror stories of how the end result isn't that great but not in this situation. The neck is really excellent it didn't need any work. One thing is the strip doesn't have any grain filler so you can sort of feel it but I don't find this an issue and the finish isn't sticky. Tonnes of sustain and the Dimarzio's really sing. Cleans are nice and crisp, not too thin when coil split. Just the right kind of edge with the gain cranked up.

Had a couple of issues with MJT. The neck wear looked nothing like the photo I sent for reference and they couldn't really fully fix it to get it to where I originally wanted. We were able to work something out though and it's fine the way it is now. The bridge they supplied didn't have the proper string spacing and forgot to include the string tree. They refunded me back $35USD.

Overall a good experience with a guitar I'm really happy with.
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