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I bought a used guitar quite similar to that a decade ago. Different in that mine had a really nice distressed black finish, but was HSH and had an Edge vibrato arm. I got a nice variety of tones out of it, I really liked the way the output jack was situated but, alas, I just could not gel with the whammy bar. That was about the 4th and last time I'll ever try one. I'm a Bigsby guy, I guess.

The really good news, L&M gave me about $150 more on a trade in than I paid for it - and I got to keep the basic Yorkville hardshell case in came in. And the guitar I traded for was a fabulous Highway 1 Texas Tele with a beefier neck that I still love. So I do have fond memories of the Ibby, if only for the path it lead to.

Congrats on your find. Enjoy!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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