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This seems to be a bit of a trend on this forum - it seems like everyone is picking Godins up....

I stopped off at a local L&M to pick up a cable (isn't that how these threads always start??) and the wife walked over to me holding this thing. I've never seen one of these in this colour combo although admittedly I've been a little lusty to try that one in Coral Burst, but still, this thing looks stunning! Plugged in and spent a good half hour playing away on this thing - the versatility and craftsmanship on these is mind blowing for the price point. The HDR electronic switching is impressive to say the least. I'm feeling like a bit of a dolt for not demoing a Godin sooner.....Nice to add something to the collection that says "Made in Canada" prominently.

Anywho, here are the pics. They call this colour Desert Green. From a distance it almost looks matte but up close it has this beautiful metallic sparkle. The name for this is apparently the Session Stadium '59.

Sorta like a tele in good way.
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