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i have the matching sss model Of this guitar as you'll see.

@tomsy49 got my degas Alembic neck thru and went for the preferential Price with the original pick ups. This MJS HBs set is soooo amazing.

Guitar was a reverb find. Out of France. Never seen another before. $440 all in. Played the original pickups for 20 min and gladly installed the gold MJS set. Wow what a difference. fro the 3 pots It was V T T found this useless. And the original pickups compressed and muddy. I changed to V V T (whole guitar) and I also did the out of phase wiring for the middl

e position. Works well.

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Looks great, especially together with its sister.
I have a question about that out of phase wiring in middle.
Does it behave like this:
when both volumes are about the same position (both on 10, both on 7 etc) the OUP effect is the most pronounced and sounds is a little bit quieter. As soon as you move one volume down or up, volume increases (both up and down) and if down the other pickup becomes dominant and if up then that pickup becomes dominant?

thank you in advance
yours truly
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