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NGD: Dave's Ayr tele body and Warmoth wenge strat neck

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And it feels, looks and sounds glorious
2018-09-19 Tele assembled - phototraveldiary

Before stringing and setup:

and after stringing and initial setup.
(I put 9-42 but it seems it would like 10-46)

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Yes body has forearm contour and belly contour and is beautifully done.

thank you Dave
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Looks good! What are the neck specs?
Warmoth Strat, Modern construction, Standard thin profile (unfortunately - I need thicker :( ), nickel (unfortunately - I prefer SS ) jumbo frets (probably 6150).
perhaps you should have also purchased my Tonebomb neck :)

Looks great though!
I had this neck laying around waiting for a body for quite some time.
I was thinking to get full guitar from you, but by the time I made up my mind - your neck was gone...
and plays even better :)
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To be honest didn't measure it. I'll try today and let you know.
it is around 9lbs
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