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In fact, i got it since a week or two, but i didn’t had time to post this before. To work alot is a good thing for the money, but having a new axe at home that you don’t have time to touch because of that work is a kind of a torture!!!!!
So, this is my most recent acquisition, a 2001 Epiphone Lespaul Elitist in Ebony!
The guitar is not mint, it has some paint checks and chips, but nothing major and structural! The axe sounds and plays really nice, i plan to have it tuned in C# standard to achieve some new experiments......
I will probably change the tuning a couple time before being sets on the one i prefer(I’ve tried a step down from E standard once on a Telecaster and it was really interesting too).
I am also thinking of putting some Lollar pickups and new electronics too, but i am not sure for now.
Anyways, here it is,
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