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Sorry, When i do a NGD, they are always long!

This happened a few months back, when I was promoted/posted to Ottawa from Winnipeg

There is a music store in Winnipeg, run by a guy who played in a big Canadian band way back.
Typical borderline hoarder type store guy, shit everywhere etc.. wall of cool amps in the back.. never able to find anything.. etc.
These are my favourite type of stores

I'm moving to Ottawa, so I need some of my stuff appraised due to value.
He seems indifferent, but when he overheard 12th fret will do appraisals via email for $100 a pop.. He offers to do them for $75 per.. ;)

I make plans to bring in my guits and some amps, and head home, and back.

First three items he sets his eyes on are a '55 Tweed Deluxe, a '57 Tremolux, and a '62 Vibrolux..

His eyes poop themselves, and then he starts to realize what's happening (I'm not sure what gear he thought he would be "appraising", but he was obviously caught off guard.)

All of a sudden I unintentionally unlocked the secret access level, and show and tell commences..

He started bringing out cases from the back: "Check this out.. Check this out..."

'52 Les Paul stripped into a weird tomato soup burst.. Slash signed "unique" 80s LP.. early '60s cherry 345 w/ gold hardware.. early '50s ES-295.....'71 LP Custom beat SHIT he PLAYED in the Band.. Stripped 61 SG/Les Paul in pieces.. etc, etc.. My eyes poop themselves in return..

So my brain goes into chess mode, and I start trying to figure out how to walk out of there with my arms full.. and I'm 99% sure i had seen an old tone bender in the past in the pedal counter case a visit ago.

(I'm smitten for the 61 SG LP, but I don't want to tip my hand just yet..)

Battleship commences:

"So...and i knoooow the answer is no... but i have to ask....would you maybe sell the '52 LP? - "Hmm......naw, Can't let it go.."
Sure sure.. and i know there's no way you would sell the 71 custom, with the history and whatnot...right? - "...........naw, can't let it go.."
Totally! I told him, I understand! It's all light banter at this point.. We have become fast friends.

What about the 61 SGLP?
He pauses.. but no luck. He isn't looking to sell.

I, however, have proven my hunting ground. :)

I then attempt some friendly mind control with a "Man, you have so many cool projects! how do you find the time to work on all of them?"
We make plans for me to return later on for appraisal paperwork..

End Scene.

I returned a few weeks later..

We start shooting the shit.. HE then brings up the SGLP.. "I've been thinking about the SG etc.. I have so many projects..."
You DON"T say now...
Wonder where he got that idea?

He pulls it out, we start going over it.. "I see someone had a stop tailpiece/TOM on there before'' The heel has been shaved smooth (fucking 80s).. finish is stripped off etc..PAFS are there (double blacks, covers off in the past., but not rewound.. measuring 7.4/7.6k) pots 3rd week of 61, sideways vibrola all there.." all parts are there. original chipboard case.

Game on!

"What are we thinking price wise?"

His ask is about $1000 Dollars more than I was realistically expecting/wanting to pay. The ask on these seems to be $20k and up for mint examples on reverb, and the price seems pretty reasonable that he is asking literally in part$ alone...

I like to get all my shopping done at one store if possible, so we dig in and find out the VOX tonebender is all original from 66/67 (but apparently sounds weak?)

We agreed that it's probably worth $500 as is, regardless of operability.

What else could he have?

"Any older dirt pedals?"

"Well, I do have an '83 TS-9 I bought new in 1983... It's on my pedalboard"

Sigh....Of course :)

I then see a path.. "So how about your original quoted price for the tonebender, the screamer, and the 61SGLP?

The deal is struck!
We keep shooting the shit, and he goes into the back room looking through all sorts of boxes and binders..

Finally comes back over, and hands me a lanyard and a laminated pass.

I turned it over to see a backstage pass from SRV's Live Alive tour..

He says "this is for you!"
I said, "no it's fucking not! :)
I can't accept this..."

He just said, "look, I've got lots of this type of thing.. I know you will appreciate it.. "
Blown Away!

I get home, get the guitar back together immediately, and it is an incredible machine. Original frets and all! Absolutely unreal.. He owned it for 20+ years and it just sat around!

the "shaved heel" is one heel design they used in the early 60s. It's legit. Blade thin "1961 pattern" neck.

TS9 checks out.... JRC chip... All legit 1983.. Sounds great!

Plug in the tone bender hesitantly with a gigrig virtual battery, and whatthewhat? its not weak! it fucking slays!
There is no problem with it at all.. My guess is he must have used a weak battery for testing..
I am beyond smitten with it! The deal gets even better!

I've had it for a few months now, and it is quickly pushing all other HB guitars towards the door, so keep your eyes on the fs/ft for a couple beauties!

Guitar accessory Circuit component Wood Audio equipment Musical instrument accessory

I will add more pics soon, but figured I'd get the story out, and then we can all decide/argue/contemplate what the best course of action is (resto, historic makeovers, play as is, etc...)


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Also: that was disassembled? As in just the bridge was off or...?

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Best NGD story of the year, maybe the decade.

What鈥檚 your fee for doing the same for me when you go to Capsule Music in Toronto?
What's the target? ;)

Also: that was disassembled? As in just the bridge was off or...?
Strings off, bridge off, pickups out, but all there otherwise.

That was a lot of reading for just one picture though. ;)
You're in Ottawa now?
Gotta keep you fiends craving more ;)

In ottawa now yes!

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Congrats man!!! :D

MOAR pics?

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Yeah, I am quite concerned about the lack of pics around here ;)

Very nice score!

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Cool story--enjoy the guitar.

Reminds me of a store in Lethbridge--btu it was an old Rickenbacker lap steel with the horseshoe magnet & I didn't leave with it.
(I was in Lethbridge for a couple of days & stopped by a couple of stores.)

oh well, I can't really play lap see--but it would have been fun to try.
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