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Kijiji whoring again.
I looked at an ad for 5 mins wondering whether to post a 'kijiji alert' thread or not.
I chose 'not' and contacted the seller.

'08 American Standard w/TSA hardcase and a bagfull of goodies (3 cables, stand, padded Fender strap).
I made a package deal for the HotRod Deluxe that he was also selling.

ad pic

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CONGRATS!! Looks sweet! ...and you got the amp in addition!!

BTW...For a "Never much liked Teles guy", you the most " newborn Tele'd" guy I know..LOL


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I swapped out the pups from another Tele (N3 Noiseless) to this with the black PG.
Interesting discovery.

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A friend is giving me some saddles because the height adjustment screws are rusted solid on three of them.
I also have a few shallow divots on the first three frets that I have to file down.
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