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i ordered a RedPlate in February and received it yesterday - after a few hours of dialing in tones, very happy with this beast. EL34 platform, FX loop, a few voicing switches for single coil or LP type guitars. The clean tones are phenomenal. My Les Paul just sang with gorgeous bell like tones. The OD channel as well - in the Dumble camp of tones but it can get aggressive Marshall tones as well. I had it set with medium gain (gain and Drive set at 10 o'clock) and just a beautiful lead tone. Plenty loud with 50W and 18W switch (not much of a difference between the two settings). I am having an issue in the lower registers - a few of the notes on the low E produce a microphonic or rattle/fuzz type tone. It may be a tube and noticed it more today.

Picked up the DGT today - wow, great guitar. I thought the neck carve might be a challenge (I've owned a few but couldn't remember) but it feels great. PHAT sounding guitar with clarity. It might give my Les Paul a run. Plays like butte.....great! : - )

All in all, a great gear day(s)

Ps. The holiday festive color scheme was not intentional.

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Congrats. PRS's gold looks fantastic.
+1 I've never liked PRS' gold but that looks good.
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